OPEL AMPERA from 175.000km ¡12,500.-€ + VAT(15,000.-€ VAT incl.)!

Price: from 15,000.-€ (deductible VAT included)

Second-hadn electric cars from 15,000.-€. Possibility to deliver them in any place of Spain (Peninsula and Balearic). Minimum mileage: 175,000km. Full Equip. Colours: white, light grey, dark grey. ¡1 year warranty!


Estimated delivery time: 20 natural days.


OPEL AMPERA, 150CV, from end-2012, 129,500km full equip (dark grey) ¡17,100.-€!

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Price: 17,100.-€ (deductible VAT included)

Second-hand electric grey coloured car,in great state of conservation Possibility to deliver it in any place of Spain (Peninsula and Balearic). Opel Ampera Model, less than 130,000km. Full equip and full service history. ¡1 year mechanical and batteries warranty!

- SOLD -


OPEL AMPERA ePionier edition. 75,000km. 2012, metallic red full equip.

Price:  ̶1̶8̶,9̶0̶0̶  ¡discounted price! 16,900.-€

Second-hand electric metallic red Opel Ampera car in a great state of conservation with 81,000 real km. Full extra equip (GPS, Bosé speakers, cruise control, alarm, heated leather seats, etc.) With maintenance service sheet. ¡1 year mechanical and batteries warranty (optional)!




Additional information about Opel Ampera, ePioner edition: second-hand electric car at an affordable price (it has a magnetic brushless engine) with “extended autonomy” (it means that it has a fuel engine extra so you don’t be stranded if the battery runs low) with a lineal power of 150CV (acceleration feeling while driving much higher than with combustion engine) with 60km of autonomy at a normal speed (lithium battery). Internal combustion engine “autonomy extensor” plays the role of electric generator (it means that the engine does not haul the vehicle but it feeds directly with electricity the car engine, so the power does not low even in fuel mode). Vehicle with a high performance and finishes. Most of the vehicles offered by “VehiclesElectrics.cat” make full equipment, as integrated GPS, touch screen, rear view camera, parking assistance (front and rear), Hill Assist (the car doesn’t go back in grades without brakes), leather heated seats , air handler, two multi-function remote controls, cruise control, on-board computers, display DVDs in the integrated screen, integrated hard drive, 17” inches tyres, Traction Control can be switched off, alarm (some models), Bosé speaker system with DolbyDigital, hangouts Bluetooth for mobile, fast charge cable and conventional plug charge cable, 8 airbags, 5 EuroNcap stars (high security in case of collision). It was award-winning as “2012 year car” in Europe (Geneva Motor Show). A technology and driving marvel. In Catalonia there are advantages as no paying in the “green zone” (Barcelona), road tolls (as the one in “Túneles de Vallvidrera” o Garraf coast), free. BUS/VAO/ECO lane circulation permitted. Distinctive as ecologic vehicle (so in the future it will be able to circulate in the restricted contaminated areas in the cities). Designed for an intensive daily use as main vehicle and also to make long comfortable travels using fuel engine (electricity generator). It can achieve easily maximum speed (sustainable) of 160km/h. Sensational technology.    









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